7 Ways to Get Backlinks That Will Help You Succeed by 42Networks

Maybe you've had the same experience as me and come to a stage in your business where you've figured out how to develop backlinks to your backlinks. Then it dawned on you that after months of establishing hundreds or perhaps thousands of backlinks without tracking them, finding them all was not going to be as simple as you had hoped.

Maybe you've felt like I did at one point, wanting to abandon your SEO strategy in favor of paid traffic because you bought a backlink checker and it took you a week of full-time effort to figure out how to use it, and when you finally got it to spit out a report on how many backlinks it could find, you could count them on one hand!

Even though getting backlinks that matter can be as painful as bamboo under your toenails, going to Majestic SEO and digging into the numbers to see how many cumulative backlinks some well-known online marketers have built over the years will give you the motivation you need to keep going even if you think you're just spinning your wheels.

These few strategies will assist you in obtaining backlinks from 42Networks. There are a variety of strategies you can employ, and you'll need to pay close attention to the strategy and procedure in order to maximize the leverage accessible through these backlinking tools.

7 Different Ways to Build Backlinks

1) You may get your articles published on authoritative article directories, increasing your website's exposure to millions of people and gaining valuable search engine rankings. Because getting your articles published in article directories is free, I think you'll agree that it's a great investment to buy contextual links 42networks.

A comprehensive understanding of the editorial rules will assist you in efficiently producing great content. When it comes to backlinks, a good rule of thumb to follow is to include all of the links that are acceptable in your content. You can usually have 1-2 "non-self-serving" links in the article body and 2 "self-serving" links in the author resource box, depending on the article directory. To receive speedy contributions, make sure you're familiar with the guidelines.

2) We all know that social bookmarking is a terrific way to earn backlinks, but don't forget that when you made your social media account, you also created a public profile URL to which you can link. You can get incredibly valuable backlinks to your Web 2.0 profile for free. Submitting a PDF version of your content to various document sharing sites is another strategy to build Web 2.0 profile and website backlinks from 42networks.

3) Obtaining backlinks via press releases and news announcements is also an alternative. This strategy works effectively because there are numerous websites that allow you to post for free and make announcements. To draw more attention and drive traffic to your website, you'll need to create a properly written press release.

4) Exchanging materials and affiliate programs can also help you gain backlinks. This can be accomplished by providing free RSS feeds to interested websites in exchange for them doing the same for you. You'll be able to attract more people when they seek additional information based on the abstracts they've read on other websites.

5) You can also gain backlinks by forming joint enterprises, co-branding, or forming partnerships. You can do this by requesting that they link back to your website. Another way to obtain backlinks is to write a guest post for these sites and include a link as free content. They will be able to receive more traffic through referrals as a result of this.

6) Another technique to employ is "link-bait." I'm not sure I agree with that description, but it does effectively convey the concept. This essentially entails giving out a freebie in exchange for backlinks. Having gift cards from shopping websites available online is one method to do this and attract more people to your website. Because they must go through your website to win, many visitors will want to acquire the prize in the offer, which promotes reading.

7) When you're trying to figure out how to gain backlinks, making a multiple series list can help. This works well since readers can better follow your website utilizing the lists you've built. The lists are easy to scan through, which simplifies the entire procedure. Another factor to consider is that people enjoy linking to lists, which will improve traffic to your website.

Years ago, while I was learning how to golf and was frustrated, the pro who was coaching me stated, "If golf was easy, everyone would be a Pro." The truth is that SEO isn't easy, but with practice, you may become an expert; bear in mind, however, that your income will be directly proportional to your capacity to obtain high-quality backlinks with 42networks.